An all-in-one system solution, with its own hardware and software, covering installation, technical maintenance and customer service;Advanced hardware and software allows us to monitor performance, which means we can offer the highest possible uptime;The charging infrastructure uses energy more efficiently, which means we can build more stations with less reserved energy. By using cluster deployment, we can increase the number of chargers as the number of electric cars coming into the fleet grows.Expansion is fast and usually without additional energy reservation. In a typical case, we can build 5 charging stations (10 charging points) in an office with a 44 kW reservation.The charging software can be integrated with the building management system (BMS) to make more efficient use of available and existing energy.The customer can create and manage different user groups with different price plans to provide added value to their employees (or tenants).We own the software, so we are much more flexible than our competitors in adding or integrating features.

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